In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s post is all about green, my favorite color.   Green is one of the best colors to use in design, because it goes with everything.   Shades range from vibrant and energizing to calm and serene.  It also is the color found most in nature so it helps to bring the outdoors in and helps the view outside blend with interiors, making everything flow.

Green 1via Katie Rosenfeld

Green 2via Sarah Richardson

Green 3via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 4via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 5via Tom Stringer

Green 6via Anne Hepfer

If you love green but don’t want to have it to be a prominent element, bring the outdoors in.   Something as simple as a cut branch can go a long way.  In some case it can even make the room.

Green 7via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 8via Southern Living


Welcome to Sarah B Young Designs

I’ve been following blogs for several years now and felt it was my time to join the blogging community.  I have a great passion for design and thanks to the wonderful world of blogging there is an endless supply of inspiration to discover.  I hope you will follow along and maybe find a little inspiration of your own. Thanks for stopping by!