Pretty Paper

If there is anything that could top my love for Christmas trees, it may be beautiful wrappings and trim.  This year I was hoping to wrap our gifts in kraft paper.  I was on the fence about ribbon but it was narrowed down to black or navy satin.  But then, we got all of our decorations out from storage and the decision was made for me.  I had apparently purchased six rolls of silver and white wrapping during Targets after Christmas sale last year.  I forgot all about them!!  So now I get an extra year to decide on ribbon. Here are a few ideas if you are on the fence about your wrappings.  Warning, there will be a lot of kraft paper, because it rocks my socks!!

Pretty Paper 1

Michael Graydon via Vintage Luxe

Pretty Paper 2via Copy Cat Chic

Pretty Paper 3via Boxwood Clippings

Pretty Paper 4via Eddie Ross

Pretty Paper 5via Miss Mustard Seed

Pretty Paper 6via Going Home to Roost


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