In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s post is all about green, my favorite color.   Green is one of the best colors to use in design, because it goes with everything.   Shades range from vibrant and energizing to calm and serene.  It also is the color found most in nature so it helps to bring the outdoors in and helps the view outside blend with interiors, making everything flow.

Green 1via Katie Rosenfeld

Green 2via Sarah Richardson

Green 3via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 4via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 5via Tom Stringer

Green 6via Anne Hepfer

If you love green but don’t want to have it to be a prominent element, bring the outdoors in.   Something as simple as a cut branch can go a long way.  In some case it can even make the room.

Green 7via Better Homes and Gardens

Green 8via Southern Living


Window Boxes

I am in the process of giving my home some much needed curb appeal.  I having been dreaming of having window boxes for way too long.  In my opinion, window boxes can take a homes facade from drab to fab instantly.  Well, maybe not instantly, plants are a big part of the appeal. 🙂  And between style, material, color, and a magical array of plants, the possibilities are endless.

Window Boxes 1via Quintessence

Window Boxes 2via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Window Boxes 3via Tales From Carmel

Window Boxes 4via The Micro Gardener

Window Boxes 5via Romancing The Bee

Window Boxes 6via Country Living

Window Boxes 7via The Lily Pad Cottage

See? Beautiful.  Unless of course, the plants are forgotten, and not watered. In that case, window boxes become a depressing eye soar.  With my track record of killing plants, perhaps window boxes are not the best idea for me after all.

Projects 2015

So my plan was to show you my project list for this year. And I will, I promise. But first I thought I would show you the projects for 2014. The ones I did not finish.  Here is the list, please excuse me while I hang my head in shame.

  • stain the dining room table
  • finish painting sons bedroom
  • build shelves for sons bedroom
  • sand and paint both kids beds
  • new mattress for son
  • paint the front door inside and out
  • paint the shelves in kids closets
  • hang art everywhere
  • hang shelves in laundry room
  • hang mirror in daughters bedroom
  • make/sew curtains for kids room
  • get blinds for kids room
  • add ribbon to daughters lampshade
  • get rid of the extra furniture
  • turn cabinet into closet for master bedroom

As painful as the list is, I feel as if I accomplished a lot.  I would like to think that if I made a list of the projects that I was able to finish this past year, that would blow the unfinished to do list out of the water. Still, as you can see, there is a reason “finish projects” is one for my goals this year.

Not only will I try to finish up 2014’s projects, but I want to finish all of 2015’s list as well.  Of course everything will depend on how much money I can save up in order to do the projects, but I think everything is manageable. <Insert life giving lemons> So without further ado, my 2015 project list. Hmm, maybe I should add napping on the lists.

  • paint all trim, doors and the fireplace
  • paint the baseboard heaters in the kids bedrooms
  • remove wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom
  • paint the upstairs bathroom walls and paneling
  • replace the flooring in both bathrooms
  • replace all electrical switches and outlets (no more almond and black!)
  • paint all ceilings
  • add urns to front outside entry
  • make concrete orbs for flower beds
  • make mailbox, and post more appealing
  • new front door hardware, knocker, and street numbers

Home Goals 2015

Home Goals 2015

Well, its that time of year.  Resolutions.  You know those things you say your going to do but you don’t do for long or at all.  Yeah.  I am anti resolutions.  I do however believe in goals.  So this year I am setting some new goals, both personal and home design and some of those goals intertwine.  Here are just a few…

1.  Think! My family is on a budget.  And while I would love to buy everything on my wishlist and all the things I see and “fall in love with”,  it is just not possible without going into debt which I refuse to do.  So, I really need to make smart decisions and only bring in items that truly I LOVE, and that I have a specific home for.

2. Organize and declutter.  Everything in my house as a place to go, but the place itself, while out of sight, is not as organized as I would like. Food is in the pantry, towels are in the linen closet, but I can do better.  Also in this category is decluttering or plurging.  Everything may have a home but we can always to with less.  I can only display so much in my vignettes, I have only so much room in my closets.  If I don’t need it, use it, or love it, it has to go.

3. Finish tasks.  Most rooms in our house still need one or two things until I can call them finished. I have a tendency of getting things almost completed, then, I stop. It is usually little things such as putting the last coat of paint on the window trim or purchasing frames for a gallery wall.  I also have a problem with starting projects and either never finishing them myself or I give up completely.  This is going to be the hardest goal to accomplish! Stay tuned for a 2015 projects list.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?


Pretty Paper

If there is anything that could top my love for Christmas trees, it may be beautiful wrappings and trim.  This year I was hoping to wrap our gifts in kraft paper.  I was on the fence about ribbon but it was narrowed down to black or navy satin.  But then, we got all of our decorations out from storage and the decision was made for me.  I had apparently purchased six rolls of silver and white wrapping during Targets after Christmas sale last year.  I forgot all about them!!  So now I get an extra year to decide on ribbon. Here are a few ideas if you are on the fence about your wrappings.  Warning, there will be a lot of kraft paper, because it rocks my socks!!

Pretty Paper 1

Michael Graydon via Vintage Luxe

Pretty Paper 2via Copy Cat Chic

Pretty Paper 3via Boxwood Clippings

Pretty Paper 4via Eddie Ross

Pretty Paper 5via Miss Mustard Seed

Pretty Paper 6via Going Home to Roost

Christmas Trees

We are one week away from my favorite holiday, Christmas!!  I love everything about it, from baking our annual chocolate birthday cake for Jesus, enjoying time with family, even shopping, hello amazon.  My favorite decorating element is the tree.  I would leave if our tree up year round if my husband would let me, but it usually goes up a day or two after Thanksgiving.  Our tree looks the same every year.  As fun as it would be to change it up year after year, I just can’t justify the extra “stuff”.  Why spend the money on more, plus the hassle of storing everything.  Thankfully there are blogs, Pinterest and many more sources to find drool-worthy trees to help me get my fix.  Here are a few I am loving right now.

Christmas Trees 1via Ballard Designs

Christmas Trees 2via Southern Living

Christmas Trees 3Eddie Ross via Country Living

Christmas Trees 4via Martha Stewart

Christmas Trees 5via Better Homes and Gardens